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Sapphire FleX HD 7770 GHz Edition @ LanOC Reviews

DESCRIPTION: Sapphires selection of cards for the HD 7000 series has been impressive to say the least. On top of having stock and overclocked versions of every model, they also have a few different models like the Vapor-X and FleX, each serving a different purpose. The vapor-X models having ungraded cooling and their FLeX models have improved support for multiple monitors. We have taken a look at everything else from their HD 7770 lineup; it’s only natural that we take a look at the HD 7770 as well. We know that FleX cards can be great deals for people looking for a cheaper way to run multiple monitors without having to pick up active Displayport adapters or Displayport monitors, let’s take a look at the HD 7770 FleX and see if it holds up to the FleX name.


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