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Sapphire Radeon HD6450 Flex Edition Video Card Review

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The box is very straightforward, showing off the Flex branding, and letting the consumer know that this card is not only Eyeyfinity Capable, but also triple monitor ready. The features list hints that this card may be capable of more than simple productivity tasks…


inside-box-1 box-open-1
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You may notice in the picture the distinct lack of HDMI to DVI adapter. We have been assured by Sapphire that the retail model does include the necessary piece. Don’t take our word for it: take a look. Other than the missing component, everything else was normal; the driver CD, the low-profile bracket and DVI VGA adapter are all standard.

A Closer Look:

card-1 top-view
io-1 box-contents-good
The card is almost exactly what you would expect for a low profile. The heatsink is a decent size, and mounted securely. One interesting point is that this is the first low-profile card I have worked with that didn’t involve a cheap-looking ribbon cable as part of the conversion.
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  1. For an HTPC also used for occasional gaming, this card is awesome – completely silent, 50% better scores than the 5450, and simplifies cabling by routing audio over HDMI. The heat and power use is obviously a bit higher, but I’ve had no problems with the card maxed out. Works as a great stop-gap card for gaming, even at full HD resolution, with enough power that I can play some new games at mid or low detail without a problem.

    My biggest reservation is the heatsink clamps. The same extremely thin, worthless springs that didn’t attach the sink at all on the Sapphire 5450, necessitating the upgrade to this card. I’m similarly worried that a knock or a cable getting wedged under will be all it needs to come unglued and overheat the underlying chips. I’m just crossing my fingers that it lasts until the 7000- and 600-series show up.

  2. This cards pretty damn good!


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