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Seasonic G Series 550W SSR-550RM Power Supply Review @ Legit Reviews

Seasonic G Series 550W SSR-550RM Power Supply Review

Today we are bringing you the review of the G-Series 550W, a power supply with average output but high performance from Seasonic. With an 80Plus Gold certification and enough wattage to power professional and single-GPU gaming systems, the modular power supply sounds like quite a deal for advanced users and gamers. Read on to find out more about its features and performance.


“Today we will be taking a look at another highly advanced product from Seasonic, yet one meant for the bulk of advanced users and gamers, the G-series 550W power supply. As the series name suggests, the G-series products come with an 80Plus Gold certification. The current pricing of the specific model we are going to examine is $89.99 shipped. For an 80Plus Gold certified and modular 550W power supply, this is not a bad deal at all nowadays…”

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