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Sector 7 – PC3-14400 (1800 MHz) 6GB RAM/Memory Kit



Cost versus performance analysis is a thought that manufacturers always keep in mind when it comes to RAM. If a manufacturer focuses too much on performance then the end result would be a product that has great performance, but is too expensive for the average user to obtain. On the other hand if a manufacturer focuses too much on the cost saving, the all you get is budget ram that no one really wants to put into their computer because it will hinder performance of other parts. Patriot seems very adamant about the concept of cost versus performance in the development of their RAM. With Sector 7, Patriot attempts to bring Extreme DDR3-Triple channel RAM to performance enthusiasts at relatively affordable price. Did they succeed? Read on and find.


Patriot’s Take

The Patriot Viper II Series, ‘Sector 7’ Edition, part of the Extreme Performance (EP) Enhanced Latency line, is the ultimate performance memory solution for the Intel® X58 chipset and Core™ i7 processors. The Viper II Series, ‘Sector 7’ Edition is built using only the highest quality pre-sorted IC’s available and are subjected to rigorous testing and validation on the X58 platform to achieve optimized performance and maximum quality. These modules are engineered to reach PC3-14400 (1800MHz) at 9-9-9-27 timings and are available in 6GB kit capacity (3 x 2GB). Each module is 100% hand-tested for quality assurance and is backed by a full lifetime warranty and industry leading customer service.

Specifications and Features

While some specifications listed below may seem irrelevant, there are important things to note. Firstly the particular kit we will be working with is the 2GB tri-channel kit. This means that there are 6GB total memory. The RAM was deemed Viper 2 Series noted for “Extreme Performance”. This translates to lower timings and faster speeds. Other important information about the is the operating voltage. Since the processor and the RAM are linked together, applying large voltages to RAM can prove fatal to the processor. The Sector 7 Series adheres to Intel’s 1.65 V maximum specification on the RAM. Furthermore the RAM contains an XMP profile which by default overclocks a processor to match the desired speeds.


Product Name Extreme Performance
Patriot Part # PV736g1800elk
Description Viper II Series, Sector 7 Edition DDR3 6GB 1800 MHz Enhanced Latency Kit
Certifications / Safety RoHS
Product Warrant Lifetime Warranty
Unit Dimensions 5.3” (L) x .27” (W) x 1.75” (H)
13.4cm (L) x .69cm (W) x 4.4cm (H)


  • Extreme Performance PC3-14400 (1800MHz)
  • Enhanced Latency (9-9-9-27)
  • Voltage: 1.65V
  • XMP Ready
  • Equipped with lightweight aluminum heat-dispersing shields
  • 100% Tested and Verified
  • Tested on Intel® X58 chipset 2/ Intel® Core™ i7 CPUs

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