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Sex game too hot for Xbox 360’s Kinect


For those of you who don’t know, Kinect is a new addition to Xbox 360 which allows you to use your entire body as the controller.

In this game, for instance, you can raise your hand, make a squeezing motion and congratulations, you have just felt a cartoon character’s breast.

The system also has voice recognition, which would lend itself perfectly to an illicit game because then one of your roommates wouldn’t be able to come and mess around with your lady.

But before I get your perverted hopes up, I should mention that the interactive sex game maker thriXXX has hit a stumbling road block.

When the new system came out in November, hackers from all fields (not just the porn industry) circumvented Kinect’s security system in order to create new applications without Microsoft’s approval.

They will then, upon completion, have to go through Microsoft’s certification process in order to bring it to the market.

Microsoft says this will not happen for the pornographic game, stating that it “does not allow adult only content to be certified for use on its platform.”

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While there has been a halt on this naughty game, it’s certainly only a matter of time before a new “platform” is developed and everyone that has ever wanted to know what Cinderella looks like under that ballgown will get their wish— after all, money and sex are involved.

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