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SilverStone SG04B-H

A Closer Look:

The packaging is just like the majority of SilverStone cases, all boxed in black and silver with several large pictures of the case, much better looking packaging then the simple brown box of the NZXT Beta Evo.

The case itself is all spit and polish, with a black brushed metal exterior that I must say looks very sexy. The handle on the top was something I was a bit worried about when I first saw this case. Most cases that have handles tend to be flimsy and may even break after several uses when carrying a system chock full of prime components. I am very happy to say that the handle equipped SG04-H was very well made and feels very solid, even under a heavy test weight of 60lbs the handle didn’t show the strain at all.

Top mounted handle

Looking under the hood the handle appears very well connected to the rest of the case. Overall the general feeling of this case is of a very solid design; from the front door to the top handle the entire case is well built and solid.


The front of the case is a
rounded steel door.


The weakest part of this tank is
the side mesh window.


As you can see from the pictures the case has a lot of rounded edges. The front has the power button on the right side which has a very responsive feel when pressed. On the front left side of the case you have a small door that would house a 3.5″ floppy drive if you were using one. The left hand door also has the audio jacks, 2x USB ports, and a single Firewire port. If the 3.5inch floppy drive port is not your thing the SG04 also comes with a small plate that will cover the space.

A solid exterior is not the only thing important to a case…

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  1. That is the quote from Silverstone’s site not Techwarelabs. I agree powerful is not a quality of a case.

  2. line of beautifully crafted small but powerful

    How can a case be “powerfull”. What does that mean? Is the case ………..I don’t even know what question to ask. This is so patently ridiculous that it defies logic. Here is a computer case, thats all. Looks like a small to medium case and not outstanding in the least. Powerfull indeed!!


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