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Smash Mute – The Big TV Mute Button @ Legit Reviews

Last week I was watching CNN and heard about a new gadget called the Smash Mute. The Smash Mute is a giant button that you press or smash with your fist and it will mute your television. That is all this $24.95 gadget does, but I just had to get my hands on one. In this election year we could see close to $1 billion in campaign spending, so it’s inevitable that TV commercials will drive us all crazy and need to be muted.

Quote: “After installing batteries and synchronizing the TV remote signal you are able to mute your TV with ease. The Smash Mute was designed  to be “so easy to program an old person can do it” and we found that to be true. This also applies when you go to use it as you just push the big red button to silence the TV. Who cares where the TV remote is as long as you have the Smash Mute next to you!”

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