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Sony VAIO Tap 20 Hybrid Tablet PC Review @ Legit Reviews

Sony VAIO Tap 20 Hybrid Tablet PC Review

The desire to have a touch-screen computer has greatly increased in recent months thanks to how accustomed we have become to smartphones and the launch of Windows 8. One of the new devices that has come out since Windows 8 was released and has managed to catch our attention is the Sony VAIO Tap 20. The VAIO Tap 20 looks like a typical All-In-One (AIO) PC, but it is really a hybrid mobile device that acts like a desktop and a tablet!


“The Sony VAIO Tap 20 is a very interesting Hybrid PC that runs Windows 8 with 10 finger touch capabilities. The internal battery is rated to last 2 hours 45 minutes, which actually isn’t bad for a device like this. Having the ability to unplug the PC and move it around the home is actually rather nice and really makes the PC experience group friendly. The Sony VAIO Tap 20 can be used in tablet mode with it lying on the table and you can play touch games on it versus a friend or share photos and videos with a group…”

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