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Super Talent USB 3.0 Express RAM Cache 32GB

A Closer Look:



The Express RAM Cache drive comes in two different versions for each size version. You get the option of  having the Ceedo software bundled with the drive or getting just the drive. The Ceedo bundle comes with a certificate that allows you to install the full Ceedo Personal suite. You will need to download the software from their site. Before you get any bright ideas about installing the software on your other flash drives, the activation code will only work on these line of drives.



The case is made of anodized aluminum and feels sturdy. During testing we noticed that the drive does get rather warm. It would be nice if Super Talent included some kind of key ring or at least a lanyard for carrying around the drive. I’ve always been one to attach my flash drive to my key ring so I never lose it. This may be included by the time the product goes to market.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the completely removable cap design. I always seem to lose the caps. If the cap could attach to the back of the drive it would prevent it from getting lost. Super Talent would then need to move the location of the LED.

Below you can see the color of the business end.


Blue is the new color that they’re using to denote a flash drive as USB 3.0 compatible.

Bundled Software:

The drive come bundled with the TurboHDD software.


This program allows the drive to improve large block transfers (like copying a movie) at the cost of small block transfers (better application performance). We found that unless you’re doing some serious work in the applications installed with Ceedo, you’re better off just leaving turbo mode enabled.

The second, optional, bundled software that the Express RAM Cache drive comes with is Ceedo.



Start menu for Ceedo Installing an application in Ceedo

Ceedo allows you to install applications to your flash drive, similar to portable apps, but far more versatile. As long as the program doesn’t require special drivers, or is bound to the machine somehow, you can probably install it on the flash drive with Ceedo. This goes for games too. If it doesn’t require a CD in the tray to play, you can probably install it on the drive for a nice boost in performance if you’re still rocking an old platter based hard drive. As you will see in the benchmarks, the drive actually has the muscle to make it worth installing applications as a means of day to day use. The benefit with this setup is that it can be easily moved from machine to machine. Your work flow doesn’t have to be interrupted because you have to move to a new computer.

If you work in IT, something like this is exceptionally useful. You can load up all of your diagnostic programs and have them run right off the flash drive while you’re booted into the machine. When you’re done scanning and whatnot, you just exit Ceedo and it cleans up all of the temporary files and regkeys. No trace left behind.

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  1. This drive is being sold most everywhere on the web for $59. That seems to be the sweet selling point for USB 3.0 32GB flash drives.


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