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Swiftech H20-220 Edge HD Liquid Cooling Kit Review @ Legit Reviews

Today we look at the H20-220 Edge HD liquid cooling kit by Swiftech. The Swiftech H20-220 Edge HD kit is not like the sealed all-in-one kits we have looked at in the past. It is expandable and upgradeable. Join us as we see how Swiftech’s H20-220 Edge HD Kit does against the top sealed kits available today on our Intel X79 test system with the Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition processor.

“The H2O-220 Edge HD kit from Swiftech is solidly built, easy to install, and performs very well. The configurability of the H2O-220 Edge HD kit is nice as it allows the end user the flexibility to make the cooler fit their need, rather than the other way round…”

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