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The DirecTV App and Genie Bring Siri to Life

The DirecTV App and Genie Bring Siri to Life

Technology is constantly changing, giving individuals new ways to enjoy the entertainment they crave. DirecTV has created incredible options for their subscribers who want to make the most of their entertainment, both at home and away from home. With new changes to the DirecTV app and the new Genie HD-DVR receiver, the company is truly bringing full control to their subscribers’ fingertips, especially in terms of using their voice.

Voice Features in the App

Individuals were thrilled when televisions started offering remote options where they could change the TV station and adjust the volume without getting up out of their chair. Today, there are even more advances that make TV viewing easier than ever. The DirecTV app can now be controlled with the sound of your voice so you don’t even have to push any buttons. With the use of voice features, subscribers can change channels, set up recordings and play recordings by stating what they want.

Available on Multiple Platforms

The DirecTV voice app is available on several platforms to provide most subscribers with access to these great new features. For instance, the voice app is available on Apple devices, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod through the iTunes store. Users of these devices can download the app and use Siri to access the voice activated features while you are in your home. When you aren’t at home, you can use the app to watch live television, set up the DVR and more so you don’t have to leave behind your television when you are gone.

The voice app by DirecTV is also available on Android devices through Google Play. These devices include Android smartphones and Android-based tablets, including the Kindle, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy, among others. This app works the same way as the Apple version, allowing subscribers to control their television at home with voice commands and access their subscription services while away.

DirecTV Genie

Another recent advancement in the DirecTV service is the new Genie HD-DVR. This incredible DVR system gives subscribers more control over their viewing experiences. This receiver can broadcast the DirecTV signal onto any television in the home, even those that aren’t hooked up to a receiver, allowing subscribers to reduce the number of boxes in the home. In addition to broadcasting to multiple televisions, the Genie allows individuals to record up to five shows at once, watch two shows with picture-in-picture, record up to three times more shows and even suggests recordings. This puts the full power of viewing into the hands of subscribers.

DirecTV is constantly seeking to make the viewing experience even better for their customers. Save money on new subscriptions by signing up for DirecTV using By adding voice control to the DirecTV app and introducing the feature-rich Genie HD-DVR, they have been able to provide their customers with the best features available from any pay subscriber service. Consumers want their television experience to be more interactive today so they can enjoy the entertainment they want when they want it. While these advances are among the latest, there are more that will continue to be developed in the future, keeping DirecTV ahead of the competition.

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