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Thermal Compound Roundup – February 2012

We added five new thermal compounds to our previous roundup, for a total of 65 different thermal compounds from major brands. We also tried another alternative thermal compound: diaper ointment.

Here is a snippet:
“Following up on our Thermal Compound Roundup – January 2012 review, we are adding five more thermal compounds to our roundup, for a total of 65 different models from Akasa, Antec, Arctic Cooling, Arctic Silver, Biostar, Connectland, Coollaboratory, Cooler Master, Coolink, Deepcool, Dow Corning, Enermax, Evercool, EVGA, Gelid, Glacialstars, Innovation Cooling, Masscool, Nanoxia, Nexus, Noctua, Phobya, Prolimatech, Scythe, Shin-Etsu, Spire, StarTech, Revoltec, Rosewill, Thermalright, Thermaltake, TIM Consultants, Titan, Tuniq, Xigmatek, Zalman, and ZEROtherm. In this review, we will determine if certain products are superior to others. We will also try another alternative thermal compound to see if it works.”


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