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Thermaltake Challenger Pro Gaming Tools


You have upgraded your video card to eliminate the choppy frame rates, and you’ve got the fastest 20Mb cable internet available in your area so your ping time is low, and you only play on clan servers so you don’t have server lag either. You are running out of excuses for failure. It couldn’t possibly be your n00b skills, you are UBER-l33t, it must be the inferior connection between your input devices and your computer.

stock-mouse stock-keyboard

With this in mind Thermaltake has released the Challenger Gaming Pro series which is part of their TtSports line. Today we will be taking a look at the Challenger Pro Keyboard and Mouse these two performance components promise to put the finish touch on a system that will improve your game.


keyboard-box-front keyboard-box-back
mouse-box-4 mouse-box-6

The outside of the packaging is definitely what we have come to expect from Thermaltake. You can see the packaging clearly highlights the key features of the keyboard and mouse.

keyboard-detail-flap-3 mouse-box-9

These are so feature rich it couldn’t simply be put on four sides; they had to include feature flaps on both boxes.

Keyboard Unveiling:


Upon opening the box you are presented with significantly more accessories than you would be with a typical keyboard.


The keyboard itself comes with a carrying case for when you bring the game to your opponents door step.


Aside from the carrying case and the keyboard, we are also provided with additional keys and a key puller (so you don’t have any misguided attempts to use a butter knife) Thermaltake has provided you with red replacements for either your WASD or the arrows of your keyboard so there is no question where your preferred directional mapping is. They have also included two replacement keys for the pesky windows button so that you can remove any potential of accidentally popping out of game with a misstroke.


The cable for this keyboard is not only a gold plated USB with braided shielding, it is also completely detachable so when you move the keyboard from location to location there is no chance of cable degradation from wrapping the cord incorrectly.


Included with the modular cabling, is the ability to plug two other USB devices into the keyboard for ease of access.



Two key features that stand out on the Challenger Pro Keyboard are the cooling fan and the 10 programmable function keys on either side of the keyboard. The fan can be plugged into either side of the keyboard and requires no additional power, it can also fits neatly into the keyboard when you aren’t pwning so hard your hands might melt.


The included software CD should provide some interesting features.

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