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Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler



Today, we have for your consideration the Thermaltake Jing CPU cooler.  The Jing is a reinterpretation of the Frio, done up in white and green to contrast the Frio’s red-and-black scheme.  Also in contrast with the Frio, which is designed with performance  in mind, the Jing is designed to run silent; Thermaltake claims 16 dBA at minimum speed. They don’t list the sound level at maximum power, but  take my word for it – it’s quiet.  Though quiet, Thermaltake didn’t compromise performance with the Jing rated for up to a 200 watt CPU.  I found upon casual inspection that the highest-wattage i7 is 130 watts peak, leaving plenty of overhead for overclock, or under-volting the fans  in order to keep things running silently.  This performance is achieved by the use of a very large radiator block, kept warm by five heat pipes, both ends of which extend through the entire radiator block. This is in turn cooled by a pair of 120 mm fans in a push-pull configuration.

The Thermaltake Jing's packaging is fairly attractive, and easy to get into.

Cracking open the Jing, we see the heat sink in its protective foam layer, the small black box of the fit kit, and all the documentation.

Thermaltake’s packaging for the Jing is fairly attractive Cracking open the Jing, we see the heat sink in its protective foam layer, the small black box of the fit kit, and all the documentation.

Quote from Thermaltake

Optimal cooling performance: Surprisingly powerful.
Large Aluminum fins with five
Φ6 heat-pipes offers good cooling
capacity. It supports to OC 4.0G in i7 CPU.
We strongly agree with the first sentence, but tested at stock speeds.
All nickel plated fins, copper base
and heat-pipes for better heat transmission.
A very nice plate job, too.
2 Extremely silent 120mm VR fan,
adjustable speed from 800~1300RPM.
Couldn’t hear them over the power supply.
Ultra quiet operation with 16 dBA
under minimum fan speed.

My sound-level meter doesn’t go that low.
Dual unique inhale-exhaust 120mm
reverse fan design generates greater
air flow to enhance thermal performance.
I wish they were better marked, but they do an excellent job.
Vibration-absorbent gaskets decrease
noise while operation.
You really can’t spot these, but you can hear their results.
Universal Socket Compatibility
& Accessory Package
Contains everything you need but the screwdrivers
All-in-one back-plate design for
accelerated installation
Only one part to use or lose; just flip it over to position the proper mounting holes for your CPU.
Universal support: Intel socket LGA1366/1156/1155/775
and AMD socket AM2/AM2+/AM3.
Most of the sockets you care about, and all of the ones you care about that are in current use.
Superb thermal grease
maximizes heat transfer
Sadly, we never tested it, in favor of our own top-of-the-line transfer material; we chose this method to enable a more fair comparison.
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