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Thermaltake Massive23 ST

The packaging of the Massive23 ST was nothing unusual as the item was in a plastic bag and sandwiched between two foam spacers. The contents were very simplistic as it was just the cooler and a power cord.

The Massive23 ST is made of plastic and a metal mesh. The mesh is just a strip which runs just down the middle of the Massive23 ST which assists with dispersing the air flow out the front and back. I would expect the mesh should cover the entire top face rather than just the width of the fan as I will explain later.



Nice simple presentation Standard shipping of the item in a plastic bag between two foam spacers.

Their doesn’t appear to be much to the Massive23 ST as far as extras that need to be plugged in or a power adapter which would require another outlet.

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

Massive23 ST

The only other items in the box was the power cord Clear shot of the Massive23 ST show the metal mesh

Setup was about as easy as 1, 2, your done.

power outlet

Simple power outlet. Closeup of the front and mesh.

The Massiv23 St is powered by a USB port of your laptop, so no need for another outlet for a large power transformer. One may still plug in their laptop to a wall outlet to power their laptop while it rests on the Massive23 ST, since the power to run the cooler is provided by the laptop’s USB port. The energy required is very minimal; it is still a draw on the laptop’s battery.

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