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Three Barrel Revolver/Gun

Born from the notion that you can never plug a bad guy enough the Three Barrel Revolver was born. Because Yes you can truly die from lead poisoning though you will probably bleed out long beforehand.

The Three Barrel Revolver fires three 6.35mm bullets simultaneously. The revolver itself holds 18 bullets so you can technically fire this beast 6 times before you need to reload. Hell if you have to reload this thing on a perp you are better off just running. I’m reminded of the DoubleMint Gum commercial jingle here for some reason. There is of course no holder for this massive lead storm firing freak but then it’s a one off so we are not surprised.

So the next time you are tempted to break into some guy’s house remember, you might be looking down more than one barrel and maybe even more than two.


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