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TransImp -X3 PLUS by MUKii-External USB3+ Enclosure

TransImp X3 Plus External 3.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure USB 3.0 Interface


MUKii Design and Innovation has released it’s TransImp X3 Plus External 3.5” hard drive Enclosure which is USB 3.0+ capable. The market at the time of this review is just starting to announce USB 3.0 Plus products and leave it to MUKii to set the bar pretty high with their TIP-375U3-BK External  3.5” Drive Enclosure. This enclosure may look like every other enclosure on the market that supports USB 3.0+ but what sets this enclosure apart from the others is the data transfer display which shows your data transfer speeds in real time.  The demand for portable storage is nothing new but as time has progressed, the quantity and size of files have increased many times over; transfer speeds have hardly budged. If a Super-charged USB 3.0+ drive is on your list of must haves you might want to keep reading but first a closer look.


Closer Look

TIP-375U3-BK Box TransImp X3 PLUS External 3.5" Drive Enclosure
This is the box as you would find it on the shelf at the local retail store. The packaging of the drive enclosure is enough to protect the drive as the hard drive is not included.





Model : TIP-375U3-BK
Device support : SATA HDD or SATA SSD
Device size : 3.5″
Internal interface : Serial ATA
External interface : USB 3.0
Material : Aluminum
Dimension : 200 x128 x32 mm
Power : AC Power Adapter
-Applicable to All the Major Commercially Available 3.5″ SATA HDDs/SATA SSDs (Supporting SATA2 HDDs and Backward Compatible with SATA1 HDDs)
-USB Interface for Easy Data Access
-Our Unique LCD Display Shows the Transmission Speed, keeping You Informed of the Transmission Status
-Compliant with USB 3.0 Backward Compatible with USB 2.0. Transfer Rates up to 5Gb/s with USB 3.0
-The Premium Glossy Finish not only Has Superior Ventilation, but is also Sleek
-Aluminum Case Provides Excellent Heat Dissipation
-Hot Swappable : Plug and Play
-M1 Tuning System Included : Auto Format / Smart Energy Saving / USB Turbo / Auto Backup / Status Feedback
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