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Tt eSPORTS Cronos Gaming Headset Review

Tt eSPORTS Cronos Gaming Headset Review




Today we will have the opportunity to test out the Tt eSports headset known as “Cronos”. Tt eSports offers very many peripherals for both consoles, and PC. When the decision came about that they were going to start releasing under eSPORTS arena, it came as no surprise because of their desire to continue to stand out with products like the level 10 mouse, co-designed by BMW and the Poseidon keyboard.


Packaging and Bundles:


The Cronos was supplied in a black and red box with the explanation of features on the back. The box itself is rather gamer-esque flavor with its design and fancy features labeled on the back

The front package features a large picture of the gear along with the logos and highlights of the features. As for the back, it explains in more thorough detail what’s so good about this headset, and the many delightful surprises it offers.

Taking the headset I was surprised to see that it was secured by molded plastic and tied in with plastic.

It included a warranty card, a carrying bag, and 2 sets of wires.


As I mentioned earlier this box included 2 sets of wires. One set is meant to be used with your stationary PC/Laptop set up, and the other is for your mobile gaming needs.

The PC wire is full USB connection along with two 3.5mm plugs used to connect to our soundcards. This wire is also braided for durability. The mobile version of this wire is rubber and is a simple 3.5mm plug for audio used for your handset/tablet.

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