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Tt eSports Level 10 M Gaming Headset Review



  • Aluminum Base – Aluminum base employed throughout the frame, offering benefits of superior durability, heat dissipation, and ergonomics by keeping the headset lightweight (at under 300 grams).
  • Bi-Lateral USB Connectivity – The removable headphone cable can be connected from either the left or right earcup, offering flexibility to better complement each users’ setup.
  • Sleek Noise-Canceling Microphone – Noise-canceling microphone blends into styling of the frame when not in use. When needed moves in a mic-axis design; it can be lowered vertically and then adjusted horizontally to the right position.
  • Adjustable, Locking Headband – Adjustable headband can also be locked into position once the right size has been set. Users no longer have to worry about the sizing moving out of place as they take the headphone off/on.


Colors Diamond Black, Iron White, Blazing Red
Cable Length 3 meters
Connector 3.5mm plug (PC side)
Mini USB 8-pin (Headset side)
Driver Unit 40mm Neodymium Magnet
Channel Stereo
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 22kHz
Sensitivity 100db at 1kHz
Mic Directionality Omni-directional
Mic Sensitivity -35 ± 3db
Mic Frequency 300Hz ~ 10kHz
Mic Impedance 2.2 kOhm
Impedance 32 Ohm
Accessories Carry Bag x 1
1 meter mobile device cable


Packaging and Accessories

TteSportsLevel10Headset (1)
TteSportsLevel10Headset (2)

Tt eSPORTS is known for awesome packaging, and the Level 10 M headset is no exception. Large, clear pictures of the entire headset and close-ups of some of the key features are on the front and back of the outer sleeve.

TteSportsLevel10Headset (3)
TteSportsLevel10Headset (4)

Removing the box from it’s sleeve and flipping open the front cover reveals the headset encased in formed plastic.
Aside from the headset itself, Tt eSPORTS also includes a 3 meter cable with inline volume/mic control, a 1 meter straight cable for mobile devices, and a carrying bag.

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