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Tt-eSPORTS Meka G-Unit Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard Review

 The Meka G-Unit Inspected


The Meka G-Unit Illuminated is above and uses plastic chassis in black with some matte covering. This is a reasonably light keyboard for a mechanical unit, spotting in at 5.5 pounds. As the name suggests the keys are illuminated in 3 sets of intensity variation of 1-4 with 1 being the lowest and 4 highest. Also it has a fade feature which allows it to go between off and bright.



Top left has three profile keys and switch between game and normal modes configured through the software provided. Mirroring the left side is the right sides play, next, previous and stop music controls. All the macros are stored in the keyboards 64kb built in memory. Below the media keys are the 3 sound keys, Volume-up, volume-down, and mute, and a forth key for brightness.


Upon turning the board we find the USB port for our cord, two USB 2.0 pass-through and 3.5mm audio ports. The audio ports are not pass-through but are controlled with the keyboards USB audio controller (shown in the device manager as Holtek branded). Also next to the mini-USB is the channel that can be used to pass the cord through.


Software and personal conclusion


On the included disc we find the software, which we recommend you check the website for updates. The software can be used to configure the T1-T12 keys and profiles of normal-gaming.

The macro-key-setting is another neat feature allowing you to configure macro keys within the keyboard as expected on a higher end gaming keyboard.



The final section of the software is the light options that can also be modified with the key in the top right corner.



These 104 keys are all low-noise Cherry blacks (difference can be found in another guide that I personally had learned a lot from: rated for 50 million strokes. The keys are all individually backlit with Tt eSPORTS noting that this is the first pro-gaming mech-board to use red for its LEDs.



In terms of build quality the MEKA G-Unit feels like it is built for a lot of intense sessions and to last a long time. It’s plastic construction shouldn’t deter anyone since there are NO flimsy sections and the chassis have greatly weighted sections for overall beautifully built keyboard. The Cherry black switches are a tried and trusted technology which we all expect to be ultra-durable even if require a tad bit more of a press than the alternatives.

This is a very responsive keyboard with anti-ghosting and is amazing for quick typing, FPS, or even MMO’s ( considering the 60 keys and macros ). Though the media buttons and profile buttons are not mechanical and may bother some people, I feel as though it is the only issue in this keyboard worth voicing.

So now we are at the price point of the MEKA G-Unit which goes for a bit over 100$ (130$ on Amazon, and 111$ during the sale period). A nice balance of price to performance. We feel the Tt-eSPORTS Meka G-Unit illuminated mechanical keyboard deserves our Silver award for price, value, and performance.


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