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TteSports Challenger Gaming Keyboard Review

In the office today we have the Challenger gaming keyboard from TteSports, a budget friendly and somewhat unique gaming keyboard that features a rather interesting feature (gimmick), a cooling fan!

TteSports have a great product line up, and the moment and they’ve got some of the top gaming peripherals on the market too, of course that is a subjective matter, but I have to say I am a big fan of their gaming mice as well as their mechanical keyboards. Yet for all their fancy toys the best part of TteSports for me is their prices, they do seem to offer the best return for your investment and the Challenger keyboard looks set to do the same. Priced at around £25 its far from being expensive, I would even go as far to say this its a pretty modest price tag for any standard membrane keyboard, let alone one that’s been designed with gaming in mind, or that comes with high-end gaming brand name on the box.

Of course, price is nothing if the performance and quality are worthless, but TteSports have proven themselves in the past and I expect to find the same standards here today. Given how involved TteSports are with pro gaming and the eSports scene, they have quite a reputation to maintain and I doubt their in a hurry to ruin that reputation with an inferior product. Yet at £25 I can hardly expect this to be the best keyboard in the world, but it will be interesting to see just where it fits in as TteSports have little to no competition for a full size gaming keyboard within this price range.

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