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TteSports Saphira Gaming Mouse Review @ NikKTech

Description:   The release of strong and popular game titles in the market almost always marks the release of several gaming related peripherals by many manufacturers, some of which are even designed after a specific game to maximize exposure. Just over month ago Bioware released the final chapter of their popular Mass Effect trilogy and although it was indeed a great game and offered many things not found in the past 2 titles still the ending was far from what anyone expected (honestly i never want that game to end so i hope we see an ME4 soon). In 3 weeks we also expect Diablo III yet another popular game title to get released. Unfortunately Diablo III has been in the works for far too many years (Blizzard used to be a lot faster) and so all of its excited fans are certain to devour pretty much every gaming peripheral launched under its name. Thermaltake and more specifically TteSports have yet to release a product based on a game title (which i agree is not what really matters with any product) and instead they just launched the Saphira gaming mouse we have here with us today.

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