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Ultra X4 850W Power Supply


The following information is for the Ultra X4 850W PSU.  All features are identical for both the 600W and 850W, the only difference is the amount of connectors / modular outputs.

As you can see below, the X4 series power supplies come with:

  • Frequently get power surges or brown-outs? Well Ultra has safe-guards integrated into their power supplies that will automatically protect your PC
  • Fully Modular PSU helps cable management by allowing you to connect only the cables that you need, and not having a stack of wires sitting in your case unused.
  • The lifetime warranty ensures piece of mind that Ultra stands behind every product they make.


Below you will see the amount of connectors that the X4 850W power supply comes with, and let’s say they definitely didn’t miss anything.  Able to power up to 20 difference HD / Optical Drives, as well as 3 highend graphics cards, this power supply can handle most anything you throw at it.


The specifications is definitely something you need to pay attention to when you connect a ton of different devices, as it must be able to not just supply the wattage needed, but also an ample amount of amperage.


Oh, almost forgot to add that the Ultra X4 products are also 80 Plus Certified.  Yep, that means you won’t be pulling electricity when it’s not needed.  This will help lower the cost of your power bill compared to several other power supplies, maybe even enough to pay for itself over time.

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  1. LOL it never ceases to amaze me the lengths to which the competition will go to discredit us. Next time use an IP other than the one your website comes from. Oh and by the way I don’t see any reviews on your site using an Oscilloscope and $10,000 worth of equipment to test either. Go take a thread crap on another site. Have fun with yourself at CES and Computex? Oh that’s right you don’t cover major events.

    • By the way it seems your IP address is blacklisted on about a dozen different databases. That number is about to increase.

    • What? This is a horrible product! You would have to be stupid to buy a PSU that is overrated! This PDU can’t do anywhere near it’s rated wattage! And cheap PSU’s like this only do one thing! And that is destroy hardware once it burns up from the cheap parts inside! This is why nobody buys your junk! Just like people stopped buying Huntkey! However Huntkey listened to the customers and reviewers and changed their quality and now Huntkey units can actually do their rated power and are safe! I would not trust a Ultra in a very old Pentium 3 desktop! Oh and just encase you try to claim I am also smarting off while hiding like you did that one guy, My name is Brian Blair and I live in Ashland Ky! I have nothing to worry about since this unit has been load tested and a proven failure!

  2. “We aren’t paid a dime. The product is not horrible.” So make a real Review, and use proper hardware to test the power suply, before telling every one that de product is good! Felipe – Brazil

    Just remember I’m an idiot, I don’t know what I’m talking about, I can’t spell, and I like to crap where I’m not wanted. Cya later as I wont ever be back.

  3. I wonder how much are you paid to advertise or ‘review’ this absolute horrific product?

  4. I don’t see the “review”. looks like a fluff marketing piece for the manufacturer.

  5. Uhh… Where is the review? It looks like a few pages must be missing. Wow!


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