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Ultra-D 3D Without Glasses


Stream TV Networks, INC. held a press conference during CES 2012 to show off their Ultra-D proprietary 3D technology which is in simplest terms 3D without glasses technology.  The stereoscopic technology is seen on some 3D cell phones on the market today that have displays that allow you to see the 3D photo you just took without having to wear glasses.


Few photos of the prototype displays.

ultrad011 ultrad006
ultrad012 ultrad007

The few demo 30” monitors they had in the conference room for demo did allow for up to 120 degree viewing. The ability to see 3D as you reach 120 degrees or exceed it the 3D affect starts to flatten out to 2D viewing. This nice wide angle of view allows multiple people to be able to sit around the TV and not just directly in front and enjoy the 3D viewing without glasses. The individuals who are sitting beyond the 120 degree are still able to watch the content without eye strain due the image being presented in a standard 2D format. Sometime during the week of CES2012 as to what manufacturers will be integrating 3D into their flat panel displays in the near future. We will be stopping in at their booth later this week so check back for updates and additional coverage in the Next big thing in 3D.

Below are a few photos of the press conference:

ultrad009 ultrad001
ultrad002 ultrad003
ultrad013 dsc_1012

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