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Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go USB 3.0 Hard Drive



Going down the list in alphabetical order, we’ll first take a look at the results from the AIDA64 benchmark:


In most circumstances, the read speed seemed to cover about 70-77 MB/s, though the linear read score near the end was peculiarly low. Buffered reads did better, as you might expect, coming in near 180 MB/sec.

Next up is the ATTO disk benchmark


Here the results are fairly consistent, with read and write speeds holding steady at 80 MB/sec with files 16KB and larger.

Third up is CrystalDiskMark.


The sequential read score tells us the same story as before, with speeds hovering around 80 MB/s. With 512K random reads and writes, the speeds dropped to ~33 MB/s, and 4K random dropped us further, with reads coming in around 0.5 MB/sec and writes near 1 MB/sec.

Next in line is Datamarck.


Averaging over the whole drive, Datamarck’s results are somewhat harsher than the rest, giving us an average read of 51.6 MB/s and average access time of 71.4 ms.

Now we come to HD Tune Pro.


HD Tune’s raw benchmark also gives us a graph of speed and access times over the whole of the disk. While not as harsh as Datamarck, it still gives us an average of only 67.1 MB/s, with average access of 16.7 ms.


Moving to the file benchmark, we see the raw results more or less borne out, with both read and write speeds capping out at or just above 70 MB/s.

Last up for the synthetics is Sandra.

sandra-physical-disks-combined sandra-physical-disks-detailed

In the physical disk test, Sandra reported an average throughput of 66.4 MB/s, which is consistent with what we’ve seen so far. The 15ms access time is also fairly decent for a drive of this size and type.

sandra-file-systems-combined sandra-physical-disks-detailed

With the file systems benchmark, we see much the same results as before; 63 MB/s for the transfer speeds and 9.2ms average access time.

Last up is a real-world copy test, measured with TeraCopy.


Copying over a Windows 7 install image, which contains a mixture of small and large files, took only 57 seconds for nearly 3GB of data.

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