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Videogame Myths Debunked

coverNovels, music, movies, comic books: they all maintain their own particular universe, complete with clichés and well-worn perceptions by those outside of their respective industries. For example, in the world of the music industry, it’s assumed that touring with a rock band is a non-stop riot of partying, sex and drugs. And in the realm of literature … well, everyone knows that securing a book deal is a golden ticket to fame and fortune. Right?

Wrong. Ask any seasoned musician and you’ll find that – in most cases – tour schedules form a wearisome parade of packing, unpacking, sitting in airports and sleeping in vans. As for that debut novel which is going to launch you into the Stephen King stratosphere of success? Sorry to break it to you like this, but the average advance for a first-time novelist is somewhere in the region of $2000-5000. Not quite enough to start building that money bin. Misconceptions like these are everywhere … and the realm of gaming is no different.

What are some of the most widely held – and oft-cited – fallacies concerning the gaming industry? The many gaming myths range in subject from cultural impact to production practices to aesthetic quirks. In the noble tradition of setting the record straight, then, let’s take a look at ten of the most common gaming delusions, and how they are just not true.

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