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Western Digital VelociRaptor 1TB Hard Drive Review @ Legit Reviews

Western Digital VelociRaptor 1TB Hard Drive Review

It wasn’t long ago that a 10,000 RPM spinning VelociRaptor drive was the pinnacle of computer storage performance and enthusiasts flocked to them. Now that the SSD has proliferated, many have forgotten about these once coveted drives. Western Digital as increased the capacity to 1TB and upped the performance 25%. How will it compete with the likes of hybrid drives and the older VelociRaptor drives? Read on to see.

“Users can expect a 25% increase (according to WD) in performance and we saw sequential read/write scores that exceeded the rated specifications of 200MB/s. This is supported by a large 64MB cache to help buffer data. Overall, for a spinning platter drive, performance was very good and it’s a bit amazing that they’ve been able to get so much capacity in a drive with the platters rotating at 10,000 RPM. With such speeds, you’d expect the drive to be noisy but even on our open test bed, the noise was…”

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