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Why Applications Must be Available Everywhere

Why Applications Must be Available Everywhere

The age of computing is in the midst of the greatest transformation period since the invention of the mouse. That’s largely because powerful devices no longer need large boxes to house them and a plug in a wall to power them. The result is a world in which we expect everything to be on-hand all the time.

The Rapid Evolution

Just one decade ago, it would have been easy to produce a list in your head of the world’s largest PC manufacturers without thinking for too long. but would that list read the same today? Do you even know who the main producers of desktop PCs are? It’s a fair bet to assume you know who the major mobile phone producers are or even laptops.
In fairness, the list of laptop manufacturers may not have changed that much as Dell are still one of the best known producers, but did you realise that you probably use Dell hardware every day? If not, it’s because many of the largest producers of IT infrastructure today, have moved into new industries as they emerged.
Dell provides cloud computing hardware  that may or may not deliver content to your mobile device when you go online to check your bank balance or simply play a game on Facebook. You see, although many manufacturers that you were familiar with have less prominence among end users, businesses still rely heavily on those that have adapted with business demands. For example, Many websites run Windows Server on Dell hardware, but you may never know that because you don’t need to know.

What that Means for your Business

If it’s not already obvious, you need to move your applications to the cloud. That’s where hardware producers and tech savvy businesses are operating today. The reason is that the old way of computing has gone and businesses no longer exist with an out of hours or out of the office mentality. Being able to function online makes your business efficient, but also extremely versatile.
Remember when staff couldn’t make it to work because the snow was down or the you had downtime because your systems messed up? Software in the cloud means your staff can work from anywhere and when your in-house IT goes down, it’s time to crack open the laptops, mobile phones, tablets and everything else connected to the cloud and carry on with work.
Being part of the Dell team, I know we have a great range of cloud computing and Windows Server solutions on offer. Visit the site and browse the solutions on offer.

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