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Wicked Lasers – Spyder II 300mW Green Laser

Packaging and Contents

The Wicked Lasers Spyder II Pro came packaged appropriately. The laser itself comes in a box that holds it securely in place. There is an electrostatic bag cover for the lens of the laser itself. This helps protect it while shipping, although the packaging itself will not let the laser budge.

The exterior packaging of the Spyder II is like most other laser packaging from Wicked Lasers. It is simple and tells the consumer what is in the box.
When you open up the box, you can see the Spyder II Pro in place, securely held bu a foam lining in the middle of the case. The lid is magnetic and simple to open. No box cutters needed. If you are looking for something to store the laser in as well, this box is extremely durable and can take a beating. Remember, the lid is magnetic, so it may not be the best box for drop protection.

The “business end” of the Spyder II Pro is covered in an electrostatic wrapping. not sure why Wicked lasers does this, but it is a nice thing to see as it adds yet another layer of protection from anything scratching the lens.
The body of the Wicked Lasers Spyder II Pro is Mil-Spec Aluminum. You can drive over this thing, beat it with a hammer, or use it as a billie club, and you can be rest assured that it will still be functional. No wonder this thing could be mounted on a weapon.

The power switch is located on the rear of the laser. It is a simple on/off switch. Unlike lower end lasers, it will remain on until you press the button to turn it off. This is good, as this laser also has a much longer consecutive run time than most lasers.
The lens is the most important part of this laser. Scratch it and you will forever be doomed with a strange line in your laser. I wouldn’t worry about the lens getting scratched, as I was able to carry it around in a laptop bag that gets more punishment than my trigger finger, and it was not damaged it all. If it does get dirty, a simple cloth can wipe it clean. If you do scratch or break the lens, it does look fairly simple to change.


Another, separate box contains all the accessories included with the laser. You should receive every thing in this box, other than the weapon mount. Included in here are:

  1. batteries
  2. charger
  3. instruction manual
  4. safety glasses

The other item that I was able to receive upon request was a momentary on/off switch that would replace the included one. This would be necessary if you intended to mount it on any weapon as I am, as you would not want to divert attention from a target to enable a laser. You would want to be able to squeeze a certain part of the grip and have it activate. Since I will not be touching on this later in the review, I must mention that the switch worked flawlessly, and was extremely easy to replace. Unscrew the battery cover and replace.

Safety glasses are a must when working with this laser. the beam is extremely hard to look at without wanting to look away, and doing so could cause temporary or permanent blindness. TechwareLabs, and Wicked Lasers recommends that you wear safety glasses when working with lasers 100% of the time.

The quality of the included glasses is fairly good for a $50 set of glasses. Laboratory grade goggles can be hundreds of dollars more. The laser can however damage the glasses if it is focused at a fixed point, and you should never point the laser at your eyes, or anyone else’s, whether you have safety glasses on or not.

Accessories that come with the laser are two rechargeable batteries, a charger, and protective goggles. They come in separate boxes, as the box that contains the laser is designed to only accommodate the laser itself.

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