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XFX WarPad Mouse Pad


Gaming mouse pads are the sort of product where there isn’t a lot of guidance on how things should be done. There’s no ATX spec to conform to, no IEEE guidelines to follow. There are only really two factors to consider: comfort, and accuracy. Much attention has been paid to accuracy, with all sorts of pads trying all manner of approach. Not many have given much thought to comfort, though. XFX looks to buck that trend with the WarPad, a unique mousepad with some unique properties. Read on to see how it holds up.


Feature Commentary
World’s Only Edgeless Mouse Pad – This unique breakthrough in gaming technology is a mousepad designed to eliminate friction and discomfort during long or intensive gaming and working sessions. The XFX WarPad™ creates an edge so comfortable and supportive that your competition might just tire out before you do. The XFX WarPad™ features the Patent Pending Edgeless Support System; (ESS)™ that angles and cushions your wrist and forearm during continuous mouse usage. While any sufficiently large soft pad can be “edgeless” in this way, the WarPad is the first one I’ve seen designed to work this way.
Edgeless Support System (ESS) – Edgeless surface that wraps around the edge to eliminate forearm pain. No more sharp table ledges pinching against your arm or built in gel pads getting in your way of your gaming performance. See above comment. This approach is less obtrusive than gel wrist-rests for people who like to move their whole arm when they move the mouse; also less likely to aggravate carpal tunnel due to pinching.
The Three Layers

  1.     Active Performance Fabric
  2.     First layer of Styrene Butadiene Rubber
  3.     Second layer of Styrene Butadiene Rubber
  4.     T-Shaped Textured Imprint
Double-thickness padding won’t make it any cushier, but it will generally improve the pad’s useful lifespan.
Thickest Soft Pad – 6mm thick pad with two actual layers of Styrene Butadiene Rubber is the thickest pad available today and is an ideal surface for extended gaming. This pad equals my SteelSeries QCK Heavy in thickness, which is among the thickest mousepads on the market.
Super XXL Size – This over sized surface comes in at 431mm x 355mm (16.97 x 13.98 inches). That’s 200mm longer than your average gaming mouse pad. While not quite as wide as the QCK Heavy, this pad still fits comfortably in the category of “ridiculously large”, even accounting for the bit that runs over the edge of the desk.
Secure Clamping – The Warpad’s secure clamping system keeps your mouse pad secure with it’s precision engineered spring steel hinge. As clamping mechanisms go, this one looks pretty solid. The self-adjusting design is handy for frequent LAN gamers, as it will clamp to whatever table you end up assigned to without issue.
Performance Surface – Smooth Synthetic APF (Active Performance Fabric) surface is durable and finely knit unlike cotton surface that bubble and loosen. Ridged rubber matting for superior grip and strength. Pretty much par for the course here, though the clamp makes the rubber grip layer mostly superfluous.
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