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Zaward Generation 3 Golf Fan 120mm & 140mm Review @ Legit Reviews

Back in 2006, Zaward implemented a patent for dimpled surfaces on the impeller of a cooling fan, and followed up with the release of their Generation 1 Golf Fans to the market. The distinctive shape of the GOLF FAN has become a trademark of Zaward products and has been reused by companies like Sharkoon & Rosewill with cooling fans, heatsinks, and power supplies. Today we get to look at the brand new Generation 3 Golf fans from Sharkoon and test their performance for ourselves!


“Starting off, we’ve got the ZG3-120C with a rather basic box. On the front here it tells us that this fan uses a new Hexagon Dimple Blade design and operates at a sound pressure level of 10.8dB(A). It also tells us that this fan uses the Duro Bearing made in Japan that’s designed for a long life, silence, and with cooling efficiency in mind….”

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