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Zotac A75-ITX WiFi Motherboard



With the introduction of a new socket for AMD’s Llano processors came new motherboards to support the chips. These chips are fast, cheap, low power, and run cool. Sounds perfect for an home theater PC (HTPC) right? So you would think that with this “perfect” HTPC processor there would be a slew of small, HTPC-oriented motherboards to compliment them. But you would be wrong. The AMD A-series CPUs have been out for over three months now and yet you can count the number of mini-ITX boards that support them on one hand.

Here to fill that void is Zotac with their A75-ITX WiFi motherboard. This mini-ITX form factor board screams HTPC the second you look at it. Everything from its size to its built in WiFi capabilities seem tailor-made to be sittings next to your TV.  But will its outward appearance reflect its actual performance?


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