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ZOTAC GTX 780 AMP! Edition Graphics Card Review



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  • High Stock Clock Speed
  • Cool Temps
  • Quiet
  • Price
  • Overclocking Capability 
  • None


About a year ago ZOTAC introduced us to the GTX 780 AMP! edition, and this card is still one of the best cards on the market. The original GTX 780 is a beast right out of the box, which offers a ton of overclocking potential and can run about every game you throw at it on it’s highest levels. The ZOTAC gtx 780 AMP! edition pushes this card a notch further, offering a card with an incredible core clock (1006 MHz (base) 1059 MHz (boost)) and 2,304 cores for about $40 more than the cheapest stock cards. The gtx 780 AMP! edition not only offers better performance, it also runs notably cooler and quieter which is always a nice improvement for any piece of computer hardware.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.52.24 AM


This card is targeted for enthusiast looking for a mid to high range card, but not looking to spend the kind of money the titan series cards might cost you. You can find this card at newegg for $399 which is a steal considering your only seeing maybe a 5-10% decrease in performance compared to the titan series cards, which would cost you several hundred dollars more. Now lets take a closer look and see what the gtx 780 AMP! edition brings to the table.

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