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AMD A6-3650 APU/Processor


Final Thoughts

The AMD A6-3650 ‘Llano’ performed quite well. I think AMD has the PC Gamer version of Intel’s SandyBridge without breaking the bank. While the AMD A6-3650 did not perform as well as the A8-3850, which was not a surprise given that it is a step down, it did perform amazingly well in the GPU department. Touching back on the price-point this APU can play today’s games as-is out-of-the-box without first investing in a high-end discrete graphics card. Additionally, when you do invest in an additional card you can CrossFire it and make use of both. This processor would be ideal for the casual gamer instead of the hard-core connoisseur or in the least an individual willing to over clock their entire rig.

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