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Logisys iStand S3 Tablet Stand Review

If you have ever owned an Apple product than you know that accessories can make all of the difference with your device experience. Just such an accessory that works well with both the iPad and iPad 2 is the iStand S3 by Logisys. The stand supports vertical or horizontal positioning of your device as well as adjustable tilt and height. This stand is fantastic to use not just for Apple’s iPad product line, but also for every other tablet PC out there.

AMD A6-3650 APU/Processor

As you might know, AMD has managed to remain the leader in graphic chipsets, but Intel still holds both the mobile and hybrid computing markets. This is where the Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) comes in to play for it is a combination of CPU and GPU all rolled into one. It is AMD’s response to Intel’s SandyBridge and referred to as ‘Llano’. The AMD A6-3650 is the budget-friendly little brother to the AMD A8-3850 we did a review on last month.

ASRock A75 Extreme6

With the release of Llano from AMD motherboard manufacturers are releasing some higher end boards for the new APU. The ASRock A75 Extreme6 is such an example. See how this board performs when we test its' ability in Radeon Crossfire with a 6670 from Sapphire.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 INEO I-NA309D Pro Review

One thing you cannot have enough of is storage. Weather it is to store pictures, movies, or critical files a high capacity storage drive is essential to almost everyone. Some of us require a bit more space and finding the right combination of speed, capacity and ease of use is hard. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 INEO I-NA309D Pro may just satisfy your needs.

Use and Abuse of Search Engines

To use a search engine effectively, you should apply some techniques to narrow down the results and improve the priority of the top hits. In this article, I am going to cover some strategies for boosting the performance of your chosen search engine. One of these ways is to use tools known as BOOLEAN operators.

Apple’s iPad 2 with WiFi: Worth the Hype?

The New iPad2 The iPad 2 is now available. Check…