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Logisys iStand S3 Tablet Stand Review



If you have ever owned an Apple product than you know that accessories can make all of the difference with your device experience. Just such an accessory that works well with both the iPad and iPad 2 is the iStand S3 by Logisys. The stand supports vertical or horizontal positioning of your device as well as adjustable tilt and height. This stand is fantastic to use not just for Apple’s iPad product line, but also for every other tablet PC out there. I tested this stand with Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 along with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. This leads me to believe that this versatile stand could also be used with many of the other 7 inch tablets out there, such as the Blackberry Playbook and HTC EVO View 4g. The ability to securely position your tablet ideally for either watching videos or lining up the camera for video conferencing is one that can be equally appreciated regardless of the device.

In addition to the versatility in placement offered by this stand it is also rather sleek looking. Its appearance has garnered numerous compliments from individuals I interact with daily. The white rubber serves both an aesthetic purpose as well as a practical one for the stand resists being slid across any smooth surface.

Logisys iStand S3




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