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Auvio Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review


Setup, Feature, and Function:

Using the supplied USB cable, I plugged the Auvio Bluetooth portable speaker in for the initial charge (which took over 2 hours). With a full charge, it was time to get the Auvio Bluetooth portable speaker paired with my smartphone. This process was extremely easy, as it merely required me to power on the speaker and scan for new devices on my smartphone, and pair. With the speaker paired, all music and phone audio was now being outputted by the Auvio Bluetooth speaker.

Before getting to the quality of sound, let’s take a functional look at the various buttons, indicators, and connections. On the top of the Auvio Bluetooth speaker there are several large buttons. These buttons allow you to adjust volume up/down, next/previous song, and a play/pause button that can also be used to answer incoming phone calls (if paired with a smartphone). These buttons are laid out in an intuitive manner and are easy to manipulate. There are two LED indicators, the first one is power LED that will give status on battery life and charging status, and the other is Bluetooth status and will show when the speaker is actively paired with a device. Lastly, atop the speaker, there is a microphone that is used when taking calls through the Auvio Bluetooth speaker.

Auvio Bluetooth Portable Speaker Auvio Bluetooth Portable Speaker 20130130_130604_v2

On the back of the speaker, there is an on/off switch and a USB port used for the included charging cable. There is also an auxiliary 3.5mm input jack that will allow you to hardwire an audio device that does not have built-in Bluetooth capabilities. This added aux. input is a nice bonus to this speaker setup, as it really does add to the versatility and value this speaker offers.

The advertised battery life of 6 hours seems to be right on the money. This should be more than sufficient if you’re on the go, but you can also pickup a mobile USB battery charger/pack to extend that time. Of course it can always be plugged into any power source with a USB connector and this speaker will operate while it charges.

Now that we have looked at the figurative “knobs” of the Auvio Bluetooth speaker, just how does it perform in the sound department? In a word, surprising…to be honest. I had two areas of concern going into this review (sound quality and volume) and after a few test tracks, those concerns were completely gone. The sound produced by the small Auvio Bluetooth speaker is extremely good. The high and mid-range are expectantly clear and crisp (I only say expectantly because small drivers generally don’t have a hard time producing good high and mid-range sound). The low-end sound is very good given the size of the drivers and the speaker cabinet. This leads to very “full” sounding audio reproduction. Auvio must have gotten creative with its porting to pull off the lower end sound coming out of this speaker, and it’s very much appreciated. The volume level this speaker is able to achieve is also extremely satisfying. It’s plenty loud enough to use at a “buzzing” social gathering, so if it’s just you sitting around the house or at the beach…you will have volume to spare.

The phone answering and taking capabilities work extremely well. We already talked about the sound production, so the clarity of your call will only be crippled by the caller’s incoming quality. The built-in microphone is solid and does a great job (given you’re in proximity of the speaker itself).

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