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Axis Communications M1031-W Network Camera

The IP camera security line is a lot more expensive than your standard desktop camera, so if you are looking for IP based camera, be willing to spend twice to three times as much. Also, as the M1031-W network camera was sent to us, it only came with very basic configuration software which allows you to setup the camera at a specific IP, and also set permissions and a few other features which we will cover later in this review. If you want the footage that is detected by the M1031-W, you will need to look into some of Axis Communications’ other products. Now for those of you who have a Synology NAS, you can add one camera to the built-in security feature since Axis Communications is supported by Synology’s product line. If you looking to have multiple Axis cameras connected to your Synology NAS, you will need to purchase license packs to be able to add more cameras to your Synology NAS. If you don’t have the money for any additional devices, it is possible to configure the camera to send photos from a triggered action to an e-mail address. This address can be your cell phone, so you will be e-mailed every time someone is at your front door (family, deliveries, etc).

Closer Look:

Shipping box

Contents of Box

Shipping box doesn’t have any flashy picture to grab your attention. The contents like the box is no-nonesense presentation. If you don’t need it, then it wasn’t packed.

The box the Axis camera came in was a staight forward carboard box w/o any flash to bring your attention to it. I’m sure if Axis were going to sell their product in a retail store, the box would look a little nicer. Once opened we were presented with the camera, camera mounts, power supply, stickers and CD-Rom.  This was a welcome sight as there wasn’t unnecessary items in the box that would make you feel overwhelm by the contents.

Camera, mounting brackets, Power Cord

one of two mounting brackets.

Camera, brackets and power cord Closer look at one of the two mounting brackets.

After taking the stickers and CD-Rom out of the box, we were left with the camera and mounting bracket and the power cord. Very simple contents.

Front of Camera

Back of Camera

Front of the camera, very clean Back of the camera, also very clean and simple.

The front and back of the camera like everything else is a very simple design.

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  1. Even the Axis 221 network camera is good. I have it and I like it. I can easily watch my little daughter while I’m off to work.


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