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GlacialTech F101 CPU Cooler

Features and Specifications


  • Additional 15% convection area for the system fan
  • high efficiency 12 cm axial Bullet fan
  • Vibration proof mechanism

It is important to note that the F101 is compatible with every current socket in the market. Also don’t let some manufacturers fool you into thinking that a cooler designed and compatible with socket 775 will fit and socket 1156 motherboard and processor.  The mounting holes are close but not a match. The F101 comes explicitly designed to fit both and will use different mounting screws and instructions to fit both.  This is not a case of one size fits all. Please read the instructions before hand to make sure you know which hardware set you need.

Model F101 Silent F101 PWM
Socket Type Intel LGA775/1156/1366
Cooler Dimension (mm) 143 (L) x 86W x 148 (H)
Cooler Weight (gram) 750
Fan Bearing Type 12 Volts / Entering Bearing
Dimension (mm) 120X120X25
Speed (RPM) 1100(±200rpm) 800(±300rpm)~1700(±10%)
Airflow (CFM) 44 70 (max.)
Noise (dBA) 21 32
Interface Material High Efficiency Thermal Compound
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