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Jetway JNC98-525E-LF


Our testing consists of the following:

  • Performance Test 7.0
  • SiSoft Sandra
  • PC Mark Vantage
  • 1080p Continuous Video
  • 1080p Random Seek
  • 720p Continuous Video
  • 720p Random Seek

For our tests I have set up the NC98 with Corsair’s 2GB @ 800 MHz RAM and a Kingston SSDNow 40 GB SSD. Both of these components are relatively inexpensive and with and having an SSD makes the system essentially moving parts free. I will be comparing the test results to the ION – TOP system that we reviewed earlier. If you would like more information about the ION-TOP, you can find there review here: Jet-Way ION-TOP HTPC. The reason for choosing the ION-TOP as the comparison standard is because it uses the nVidia MCP7A-ION Single Chipset which is the predecessor of this product. The benchmarks below will be able to tell us exactly how much has the performance improved from the first generation to Next-Generation.

SiSoft Sandra


The SiSoft Sandra Multi-Core performance improved significantly from the first generation ION boards the the Next-Generation ION. As you can see from the pictures below the performance increased significantly. While the older generation ION platform with a 1.6 Atom processor pushes 3.917 GB/s between the cores the new Atom processor pushes a whopping of 5.431 GB/s, a 27.9% increase. The number of current processors in the NC98 is 3.5 compared to 3.3 which signifies better hyper-threading capabilities of the 1.8 GHz Atom processor.


ION-TOP SiSoft Sandra Multi-Core Benchmark


NC98-525E-LF SiSoft Sandra Multi-Core Benchmark


Another aspect of processing is the amount of operations a processor can run per second. The 1.6 GHz Atom of the previous generation ION boards obtained a total of of 7.36 GOPS in the Arithmetic test while while the 1.8 GHz processor obtained a total of 8 GOPS – 8% increase. It is also important to know that this benchmark in particular does not translate directly into real world performance but should only be used for comparison purposes only. The relatively low increase in performance is due to the relatively small increase in processing speed as the D525 is only a 200MHz speed bump from the previous product.


ION-TOP SiSoft Sandra Arithmetic Benchmark


NC98-525E-LF SiSoft Sandra Arithmetic Benchmark


The multimedia performance also improved in the Next-Generation ION board. The old ION scored 17.44 MPixels/s while the new one is capable of 19.55 MPixels/s. The difference in performance from the new one is approximately 10%.


ION-TOP SiSoft Sandra Multimedia Benchmark


NC98-525E-LF SiSoft Sandra Multimedia Benchmark

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