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Nextbook FLEXX 11A 2-in-1 Quad Core Windows 10 Tablet

Nextbook FLEXX 11A Performance

The Nextbook FLEXX 11A was not designed with high performance in mind. This is a budget 2-in-1 that just happens to bring a lot more to the consumer than most laptops or 2-in-1’s on the market today. That being said this is still an Intel Atom powered machine and you shouldn’t expect it to perform like a mainstream processor powered device. The Z8300 has been reviewed to death and as such we wont endeavor to cover its performance here, but rather to show you what you can expect from the implementation in the FLEXX 11A. The Z8300 is more than adequate for nearly any tasks you could throw at a non-gaming portable windows based machine. This means you can expect it to work flawlessly in office applications, for web browsing, media playback, light computing tasks, and more basic functions you would use your laptop or desktop for. The FLEXX 11A is not meant for gaming, 4k production or consumption, 3D tasks, heavy number crunching, video editing, or other tasks involving primarily video or challenging graphics. I wish I didn’t have to mention it but inevitably someone will send me an email asking if they can play Doom, CS:GO, or Team Fortress on an Atom powered PC.  

For $179 you are getting a very capable system that is well rounded enough to appeal to a very wide range of needs and consumers. If the FLEXX 11A has any drawbacks it is the 2GB of DDR3L which really limits the ability of these systems to multitask without caching to the HD or slowing down. While Intel’s official specifications say the Z8300 only supports up to 2GB of ram and in single channel, there are plenty of Z8300 systems on the market running 4GB. These systems are of course not in the Sub $200 price category and we cannot verify if it is dual or single channel. 

Moving along the next most critical factor in system performance is the main storage, which in this case is a generic ssd at 64GB in capacity. We will be honest here this is not a lightning fast drive, it is certainly faster than a standard HDD but its on the budget end of SSD drives. Still at 64GB this is excellent for a sub $200 laptop and still a great offering. You are getting SSD speeds with decent capacity that can be expanded via the micro SD slot. 

Wireless reception on the Nextbook FLEXX 11A is pretty standard for a B/G/N adapter. We had no issues connecting to networks up to 50 feet away in crowded environments and through multiple walls. The FLEXX 11A should work just fine for any home or business setting. The Nextbook FLEXX 11A uses the Realtek RT8723BS combo card.

The Realtek RTL8723BS-VQ0-CG is an 802.11bgn 2.4G single-chip that integrates Wireless LAN (WLAN) and a network SDIO interface controller with integrated Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.0 controller. It combines a WLAN MAC, a 1T1R capable WLAN baseband, and WLAN RF in a single chip. The RTL8723BS-VQ0-CG provides a complete solution for a high-throughput performance and low power consumption integrated wireless LAN device.

Nextbook integrated two cameras into the FLEXX 11A rated at 2MP each.  Given the relatively low resolution of these cameras it is logical to reason that Nextbook designed them for conferencing and not for picture taking. There is an integrated microphone placed at the lower left side of the unit for sound pickup which should work equally well for front and rear applications. 


The Nextbook is not a stand out product because of its performance or unique styling, it stands out because of the value it presents for what you get. Functionality wins every time and the Nextbook FLEXX 11A is very functional. As a consumer though I look for more than just functionality, I look to get the most performance I can for my money. I have been doing reviews and working in technology long enough to know specs very well and as a spec driven consumer the FLEXX 11A appeals to me. A mere $179 buys this product and thats a huge value given what you are getting. Very few products present such a value and lend themselves to so many consumers and such an age range. 

In the end if you are looking for a portable gaming 2-in-1 this is not the system for you. If you are just about anyone else the FLEXX 11A is well worth taking a look at. It will run any application that can be run under windows that doesn’t require special hardware, has good battery life, middle of the road performance, and great storage out of the box. The FLEXX 11A brings multiple ports for expansion and output. It includes good internal wireless as well as bluetooth and to top it all off the keyboard is very very usable. 

I would happily recommend the Nextbook FLEXX 11A to any consumer looking for a portable system for its excellent value and features. The Nextbook FLEXX 11A lives up to its name and is extremely flexible for consumers. 


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  1. I recently purchased one of these units (Netbook Flexx 11A) to use it while traveling instead of my bigger laptop PC. For additional data storage (programs, apps, and data) is there benefit to purchasing a microSD (SDHC or SDXC) card larger than 64GB? The literature says it is expandable to 128GB and the machine has 64GB internal memory. So I’m uncertain if greater than 64GB microSD memory is usable? I’m contemplating purchasing a 128GB microSD card if all of it is useable by this machine. My guess is yes, but I’d hate to purchase additional memory only to find that it isn’t usable by the machine.

    What SD card’s speed is best for the external microSD card? Will Ultra High Speed (UHS) speed classes–1 or 3 provide improved functionality over class 10, 6, 4, and 2 while using as memory addition on this machine? Thanks,

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