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OtterBox 2600 Series PDA Case


It’s not everyday that testing is a viable section for a phone case, but how could anyone pass up testing something that is suppose to be water resistant? OtterBox says that this case is airtight and water resistant, not water proof. OtterBox specifically states on their website that this case is not submersible, though I will be testing to see how true that is.

Test kit:

  • 1 Bucket (sorry, no pool)
  • 1 Wad of tissue paper
  • 1 Hose

To test the 2600, I will put a small wad of tissue paper inside the case and secure it with the foam pads. I will then spray the 2600 to simulate rain. Then, I will toss it in the bucket to simulate dropping it into a lake or pool or some other body of water that people frequent. I will then submerge the 2600 into the bucket and see if any liquid seeps in.



As you might be able to tell from the pictures, the tissue paper remained dry throughout the testing. The 2600 deflected the “rain”, and floated when dropped into the bucket. To do the final test, I had to hold it under water. Not a single bubble of air left the 2600. This case is tough.

26006 26007
26008 26009


When I first received this OtterBox I laughed. “I’ll never use this,” I thought. But after testing, I can easily see many uses for this besides hiking in the amazon. This sort of case would be perfect for your accident prone child who loves playing games on their iPod touch or PDA while surfing, for keeping on schedule during a downpour, using your phone for GPS while hiking, camping, or mountain bike trail riding, or even for texting during an avalanche (seriously, I think it would work). If you like to do anything extreme and still want to have your phone on you, I highly recommend this case, and at $49.95 why not?

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  1. GOLFERS ! this PDA has given me the freedom to use the Golfdhot GPS app in all weather and not freak about breaking my i-phone !!

    fantastic piece of kit.


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