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OtterBox 2600 Series PDA Case


A few weeks ago I reviewed the OtterBox Commuter TL for iPhone. It turned out to be a great case, with plugs covering the headphone jack and dock connector. While this doesn’t offer water resistance, it does offer a level of protection for humidity and could be a good first defense for getting caught in some light mist*. Today, I will be looking at OtterBox‘s most extreme and rugged case, the 2600 Series PDA case. This case fits 99% off all PDA’s including the Apple iPhone. This case is water resistant and airtight, perfect for those working in rugged environments. Read on for more info!

*These are the posters opinions; the case is not intended to protect against any moisture.

Features and Specifications

“Words like rugged and extreme came to mind when we designed the 2600 Series PDA case. Water-resistant and airtight, this uniquely patented case will fit 99% of all PDA units on the market, including the Apple® iPhone™. If hardcore PDA protection is what you desire, your search is over.

NOTE: This case is NOT submergible and requires a Bluetooth® headset when using the phone features of the iPhone.”


This case was designed to fit 99% of all PDA units on the market and also fits the iPhone original and 3G/3GS. Included with the case is a Velcro hand strap for carrying convenience.


  • Exterior stylus holder
  • Adjustable Velcro® hand strap
  • Crushproof, water-resistant

Closer Look

The sample we received from OtterBox did not come in a retail box, so I can’t talk about how shiny the box is. What I can say is that the 2600 comes with several foam pads for sizing and has a nice Velcro strap. This case is not for everyday use. Well, at least for most people. This thing is huge! like 80’s cell phone huge just not as tall. All that aside, this case is definitely rugged. I would not be afraid of dropping anything in this, in fact it’s crush proof, so good luck breaking your phone/PDA in this thing. The window is a durable stretchy plastic, and the internal gasket is replaceable, should the need arise. There is even a nice little holder for your stylus (do people still use those?).

26001 26002
26003 26005

My iPhone definitely fits inside this case with much room to spare (I put it in with the Commuter TL still on), but the foam inserts give it a snug fit. Amazingly enough, the iPhone’s touch screen still works through the plastic perfectly. Sadly, calling requires a Bluetooth Mic for the iPhone (says OtterBox) due to the iPhone’s bottom mounted speaker (though I have a feeling this is true for most phones). But this is 2010. Who talks on their phone (texting is where it’s at!)?

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  1. GOLFERS ! this PDA has given me the freedom to use the Golfdhot GPS app in all weather and not freak about breaking my i-phone !!

    fantastic piece of kit.


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