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OtterBox 3500 Series

We spoke with OtterBox ™ at CES 2010 where we were presented with their full line of products. Otter Box has a very useful l line of products to store your stuff and with a wide assortment of colors to choose from your not limited to just one drab color. The 3500 Series is designed to keep its contents dry while the case is submerged in water up to 100 feet, which is something that OtterBox’s closes competitor can’t claim with their cases. There are several videos on YouTube which show other reviewers putting the Otter Box to the test which include putting their camera in the 3500 Series case and sending it over a waterfall and another with their cell phone in the case and then driving their car over the case to prove that the 3500 Series is crush proof. This reviewer was enticed by this and wanted to try out this crush test, so with a Toyota Tacoma double cab and the OtterBox™ in hand, we put it to the test. The results are as OtterBox™ claims… crush proof!

Crush Test 1 Crush Test 2
Now, we are not claiming the entire weight of the truck is on the case, but being one of the front tires which is supporting majority of the weight of the engine, the 3500 Series case is holding its own. The 3500 Series case isn’t deformed by the weight of the truck. This is very impressive!

Crush Test 3

Crush Test 4

Here we show the truck’s weight on this tire is completely on the 3500 Series case.. no hidden jack stand or floor jack. From this angle, you can see the case is not deformed by the weight of the truck.


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