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Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800w Power Supply

A closer look


Top side of PSU

The pre-attached cables are as long asĀ  most high performance power supplies from competing manufactures about 24-25 inches each… and while this is not the deciding factor in a power supply purchase, it is nice to know you have room to properly route your cables. While on the subject of cables permanently attached to the power supply is 1 main mother board cable (20/24 pin ), one cable with 2 ATX12V(4pin) connectors that come together form a EPS12V connector (8pin) and two cables with 6/8 pin connectors for video cards.

On the top to cool the power supply there is a 134mm fan which runs very quiet.

One of things I would like to mention about the cabling on this power supply, it seems to be fairly thick and rigid. While the cabling is not inflexible its just not as flexible as most power supplies I have dealt with which makes storing excess cable just a little bit more irritating than it otherwise would have been. The bonus to having cabling that is more rigid is that it is less likely to crimp and split from being bent to far or jammed into too tight of a space.


Side of PSU which is much like any other with its name and wattage.

thortec017_0 The black ports offer you a choice between the standard connectors ranging from 4 Pin molex to 12v ATX. The yellow connectors are for PCI-E2.0 6+2 pin connectors ( for your graphics card.)
The piece that really separates the thunderbolt Plus from other less godly power supplies. This is the iPower meter display panel, it takes up a 5.25″ bay and provides valuable statistics about your power supply such as, Wattage, efficiency, voltage/amperage, fan speed and temperature of the unit. thortec012_1
Inside, along with the power supply we have a case containing all additional cables. A standard 3ft ATX power cable, the instruction manual, cable ties and the iPower meter which takes up a 5.25inch bay. thortec001
Inside the cable pouch we have 2x 4 pin molex cables with 3 connectors and a floppy drive connector each, 2x cables with 4 SATA power connectors each and 2 cables with 1 6/8 pin connector for video cards. thortec020
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