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Accell USB-C to DisplayPort Cable review


With the release of USB Type-C, or USB-C, back in 2014 the USB Implementers Forum finally moved away from using USB-A, and USB-B connectors and created a future-proof, 24 pin double sided connector that is slowly but surely making its way into the market. From smartphones to consumer level laptops we have seen the support of this new format grow. Today we have the opportunity to showcase the Accell USB-C to DisplayPort cable that allows your laptops to use external monitors.

A little history

Accell is a company that puts ease of use and reliability at the core of its products. They strive to provide quality merchandise that is priced fairly and created with future-proofing your tech needs. Quoting Accell themselves:

The expansion of commercial and home theater audio and video systems are driving the need for enhanced connectivity and distribution solutions. Devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and digital music players continue to generate demand for smart interconnect products. Accell has identified the need for connectivity to evolve in both form and function. To meet this need, we are creating products that are both easy-to-use and visually exciting. The Accell brand is built on a customer-centric and technologically advanced foundation with a focus on quality and value.

Audio and Video needs, power expansions and outlet adapters, from daily use to rare occasions Accell seems to have the products and quality consumers desire. Do their products stand the test of time and usage? Are the cables, adapters and peripherals priced fairly? Why should you use Accell’s cable, should you switch from HDMI or VGA to DisplayPort/USB-C type connector? What are the benefits? Read on and find out!


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