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AMD Llano A8-3850 APU/Processor


Test Rig

  • Motherboard: Asus F1A75M-Pro
  • APU: A8-3850
  • RAM: 4 gigs DDR3 Partiot Sector 7 @ 1066
  • CPU Cooler: Coolermaster 140mm
  • PSU: Coolermaster 550w
  • Case: Coolermaster HAF 922
  • Discrete card (where applicable): Radeon 6670 Ultimate
  • Storage: 64GB Kingston SSD-now, 500gb WD Caviar
  • OS: Windows 7 Professional

For these tests, I did one with only the APU and another with my 6670 in Hybrid Crossfire.  AMD showed a 10-20 fps jump when they added a 6570 discrete and retested.  I wanted so see if I could achieve similar results.

3D Mark Vantage

3DMark Vantage

Link: 3DMark Vantage

3D Mark is an industry wide benchmark testing frames per second and computations per second of the CPU and GPU combination.  Here, we see a large jump from normal APU to the Crossfire tests.  By all accounts, the 2705 the GPU scored in the APU test is comparable to entry-level Radeon cards (such as the 6550D included in the A8).

A 3DMark score is an overall measure of your system’s 3D gaming capabilities, based on comprehensive real-time 3D graphics and processor tests. By comparing your score with those submitted by millions of other gamers you can see how your gaming rig performs, making it easier to choose the most effective upgrades or finding other ways to optimize your system.



APU test


Crossfire Test

PCMark Vantage

PcMark Vantage

Link: PCMark Vantage

PCMark is a tool used to test the efficiency of the whole system in a gaming atmosphere.  The 7859 achieved here with the APU is dragged down by the fact the APU is changing back and forth between graphics performance and computational performance.  We see, when we add the Crossfire test, the score jumps dramatically.


APU test


Crossfire Test


Link: Furmark

Furmark is a GPU test designed to test the thermal and performance limits of a card.  Here I did both 720p and 1080p tests with both just the APU and in Crossfire.  We can see that this chip isn’t meant for high end gaming which matches our original assumptions.


720p Test in Crossfire


720p Test on APU


1080p Test in Crossfire


1080p Test on APU


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  1. In addition,we conducted several debugging with GPU overclocking,finally we found out that thought it could enter system easily in core frequency of 800MHz(default frequency of 600MHz)


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