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Arvina by Sentey Inc. Computer case


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Sentey is new to Techwarelabs’s line of computer case manufacturers and have sent us their Arvina computer case for a review (GS-6400R). The first impressions out of the box are very good as this is a vibrant red color with nice lines. The rest of the construction initially looks well built and has quite a few desired features built into the case that have become a staple in the custom case market. Lets take a looks at what the Arvina has to offer.

Sentey Arvina


Sentey lists a few of the main features that make the case unique from others on the market today. Of course they don’t list that the case has a rare eye popping red finish.

Supports Motherboard E-ATX (33cm x 30cm)
6 Cooling Fans Red included
1 mm Steel SECC Chassis
Mesh Front Panel
Card Reader + 4 USB + E-Sata + Native Sata + Audio
Easy SATA drive connection without enclousures
21.65 (L) x 8.42 (W) x 20.47 (H)

Computer case market

The Arvina’s red finish has brought up a discussion amongst the staff causing us to list a number of cases on the market that are available in colors other than gun metal gray or plain black. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a pretty short list. Let this be a wake up call to case designers; black and gun metal cases with acrylic windows are a dime a dozen.  Manufactures like Lian Li with their new Anodize Red Color came to top of our list for being unique and desirable other ones listed would be the InWin Allure for the case that touches on artistic side.  I’m sure we are not alone when we say we’d like to see more colors in the computer case market… right?

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