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Asus Maximus VII Gene Motherboard Review

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The Asus Maximus VII Gene is part of the ROG line up motherboards, ROG standing for, Republic of Gamers. It’s based off the Intel Z97 Chipset and furthermore improving the standard of the chipset. Asus went beyond their Z87 chipset and not just copy and paste what they’ve previously done, but furthered in improving what they lacked in the preview generation of Maximus. For being a Micro-ATX motherboard it does come packed with a bunch of features, including; dual PCI-E X16 expansions slots, for full 2-way CrossFire or SLI Support in a x8/x8 configuration.

They have added 10k black metallic capacitors being used, having ultra long lifespans and extremely high temperature and low temperature tolerance along with really great ESR performance, along with NexFET MOSFETs, and 60A ferrite chose round out the improved electrical system. By using the proper software you can do more than adjust voltages while being in Windows, but you can also control the impedance as well.

Also sporting an EFI-based SSD secure erase function and a fully featured fan controller plus ability to add your favorite tuning options to a dedicated section for easy access. With the ASUS Fan Xpert2 you can customize settings for the fans that are attached directed to the on board fan headers. You can set it to Fan Auto Tuning, and it will automatically detect and tweak all the dan speeds allowing it to reduce unwanted noise. You can also use AI Suit 3 to control fans in Windows and save provide for different kinds of uses!

There is an M.2 port that sits in between the two 16 PCI-E Slots, which means, you would have to remove your video card/s to get to it. The M.2 can be equipped with an M.2 form-factor SSDs. It overs x2 band with, up to 10Gbps that can be pushed over the bus through this slot, almost doubling the performance of the SATA-III interface.

SupremeFX, in this design of the ROG motherboards, the SupremeFX is an additional add-on and is not directly onto the board itself. Which means you can remove it if you like and replace it with another if you really want to. Supporting up to 8 channels, the SupremeFX 2014 solution received shielding from other onboard components. There are also High quality ELNA Capacitors offering extremely clear as possible audio. With the black and red color scheme Asus covered the audio chip with black chrome to minimize electromagnetic interference.

One of the main Features on this Maximux VII Gene motherboard is KeyBot, which allows you to assign macros to functions keys on a standard USB keyboard as well as turn normal keys into media keys. You can also asign your keys to overclock from a single key, or wake your PC from sleep mode and etcetera, extremely useful if you love to macro everything.





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