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Asus Maximus VII Gene Motherboard Review

If you are a gamer or If you have a passion to overclock, tweak, tune and what have you, the Maximus VII line were practically made for you. The Maximus VII Gene is part of the R.O.G. Lineup in motherboards for Asus, we have the Formula, Hero, Gene and then the Impact, where you are scaling in size alone. The retail price of the Maximus VII Gene is $219.99, making it one of the more expensive current mATX motherboards currently, compared to Gigabyte, ASRock and MSI, but for what it brings you I believe it is well worth every cent.

Be Quiet! PurePower 600w Power Supply Review

BeQuite! Is a German company that specializes in silent power supplies and maximum cooling solutions for PCs. They have been manufacture of the year multiple times and are the #1 company leading in Power Supplies. BeQuiet! Has finally decided to share they silent and cooling solutions with us and we are extremely excited to be one of the first to review this amazing power supply. The PURE POWER L8 600W. (80PLUS Bronze/AMD CrossFireX)

EnerPlex Kickr II Review

Have you ever wanted to go hiking, biking riding, mountain climbing, or any outdoor sport/hobby, but afraid that your mobile device might more than likely die? Well when your mobile charger isn't enough for the hours you love to spend outdoors, the Kickr II by EnerPlex, might just be the right solar charger for you, given that there isn't a cloud in the sky.

AudioFly AF56 Earphones Review

When you think about buying headphones the first few brands that come to mind would probably be, Beats, Sony, Bose and Skullcandy, more than likely. I'm here to introduce to you a fairly new company, with a lot to pack, AudioFly. They are a company based in Australia and they both design and build headphones. They base their design with an old school touch but with new inspiring technology for audio. They currently have 4 headphones out, the AF33, AF45, AF56 and the AF78. In this review I'll be testing the AF56, their second best that they have on the current market. AudioFly AF56 is packing their largest in-ear driver and ..”delivers uncompromising sound, pumping out astonishing clarity over the whole spectrum with a rich and detailed bottom end...” according to their website.

My Kronoz ZeSplash Prototype Review

The best made watches have been created in, you guessed it, Sweden. So how about a smartwatch? My Kronoz was founded back in 2012 and is a Swiss-based company that manufactures, designs and develops products that enhances the increased mobile, connected and digital lifestyles of today. In April 2013 they released their first two smartwatches; ZeBracelet and ZeWatch. This company is still in its early years, but so far from what I've seen, they have some pretty amazing stuff. In this review I will be discussing a prototype that hasn't been mentioned as of yet on their website, but was on display at CES 2014. I introduce to you, ZeSplash.

Sennheiser CES2014 Coverage

The HD8 DJ is dedicated to the needs of professional DJs with truly excellent sound reproduction, while the HD7 DJ offers an engaging, dynamic sound that’s perfect for playing live. Both delivering a mid-low end emphasis, the sound remains tight and never overwhelms, with clarity retained in the high frequencies. Meanwhile, the HD6 MIX, a model aimed primarily at studio-based music creation, delivers a balanced, accurate sound for mixing and monitoring work.